BidDateProject NameSizePlanNotesEstimatorProj MangST
SelectSeptember 02MedImmune Frederick00Andy E MD
SelectSeptember 02Parkway WWTP00Justin  
SelectSeptember 02Waldorff Bowie ARC00Justin  
SelectSeptember 03Whitehall Cotton Mill00Justin MD
SelectSeptember 03PEC add & reno00Sean VA
SelectSeptember 03Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP00Andy E DC
SelectSeptember 03Museum of the Bible00Sean DC
SelectSeptember 03Navy Lodge Bldg 52 Walter Reed00Justin  
SelectSeptember 03Marion County Admin Facility Reno00Justin  
SelectSeptember 03Bldg 560 Wing 1 Floor 100Justin MD
SelectSeptember 04Cambridge Maitenance fac Baltimore00Justin MD
SelectSeptember 04Branch Health Clinic Bldg 1600 Interior00Justin MD
SelectSeptember 04Bridge Park Elevator Add00Andy E MD
SelectSeptember 04Craven Potable Water Supply & Treatment00Justin  
SelectSeptember 04FM Shop Support & Office Bldg00Sean VA
SelectSeptember 04Frederick WWT Plant Enr 201400Justin MD
SelectSeptember 04Georgetown Car Barn00Andy E DC
SelectSeptember 04Halifax Co Sheriff Off & Jail00Justin NC
SelectSeptember 04Holiday Inn Express & Suites Wilmington NC00Justin NC
SelectSeptember 04Park Potomac Office Bldg D00Justin MD
SelectSeptember 04UVA Fm Shop Support & Office BLdg00Sean  
SelectSeptember 04Quest Diagnostics00Andy E VA
SelectSeptember 04Ridge Road Community Center00Justin DC
SelectSeptember 04Scott Clark Honda Dealership00Justin NC
SelectSeptember 04Shikellamy MS00Justin PA
SelectSeptember 05DePaul Medical Off Bldg 4th Floor00Sean VA
SelectSeptember 05Crystal Gateway North 3rd Floor Phase 300Sean VA
SelectSeptember 05Bon Secours Medical Center 4th floor00Andy E VA
SelectSeptember 05Annapolis Corp. Pk Bldg A Bausum Property00Andy E MD
SelectSeptember 05Cape Fear Country Club Family Activity Center00Justin NC
SelectSeptember 08Burnt Swamp Baptist Church00Justin  
SelectSeptember 08Perry Point VAMC MRI Site Prep00Justin MD
SelectSeptember 08UMB Health Sciences Fac 3 interiors00Justin MD
SelectSeptember 08Western Loudoun Sheriff Station00Sean VA
SelectSeptember 09Wilmington National Guard Armory00Justin NC
SelectSeptember 09West Annapolis ES.00Justin MD
SelectSeptember 09UVA Education Resource Center00Sean  
SelectSeptember 09UMD health Science Research Fac Phase III00Justin MD
SelectSeptember 09St Elizabeth Center Bldg West Campus00Sean DC
SelectSeptember 09Montgomery College Exp Pavilion 300Justin MD
SelectSeptember 09MSB Autism Blind Academic Residential Bldg00Justin MD
SelectSeptember 09Guthrie Clinic Operating Room Reno00Andy E PA
SelectSeptember 09Lab School of Washington00Justin DC
SelectSeptember 09Mattison Ave School Ambler Borough Hall 100Justin PA
SelectSeptember 09Central National Bank- Richmond00Sean VA
SelectSeptember 09Deli Brands of America00Justin MD
SelectSeptember 10Havre de Grace Library00Justin MD
SelectSeptember 10Capitol One Mclean II DD Budget00Sean VA
SelectSeptember 10Bldg 9 & 10 3&500Justin  
SelectSeptember 11CFCC AET & HEATT00Justin  
SelectSeptember 11Hecht Exteriore Skin Package00Justin DC
SelectSeptember 11Music Bldg Annex00Justin NC
SelectSeptember 11Patuxent WFP Phase II Exp00Justin MD
SelectSeptember 11UNCC Music Annex00Justin NC
SelectSeptember 12Tarbell House00Justin PA
SelectSeptember 12Maple Lawn Ob #800Andy E  
SelectSeptember 12City Center Hotel00Justin  
SelectSeptember 15Country Meadows Fork Township00Justin PA
SelectSeptember 16Frederick County MS00Sean VA
SelectSeptember 16Combined Communications Operations & training fac00Justin PA
SelectSeptember 16Maitenance Facility Administration Parking Garage & Bus00Justin PA
SelectSeptember 16Hyatt Place Chapel Hill00Justin NC
SelectSeptember 16Oakcrest School00Sean VA
SelectSeptember 17J Sargeant Reynolds CC Middle College00Andy E VA
SelectSeptember 17Masonic Temple of Winston -Salem Inc Lodge00Justin NC
SelectSeptember 17Goldsboro Readiness Center Bldg00Justin NC
SelectSeptember 18Fire Station 2 Cary00Justin NC
SelectSeptember 18BCCC Main Bldg Reno- Admin Wing00Justin MD
SelectSeptember 18Maryland Correctional Training Center Windows & Heating System00Justin  
SelectSeptember 18Halifax Area MS/HS00Justin PA
SelectSeptember 18Louise Moore Park Homestead Interior00Justin PA
SelectSeptember 18Medstar Franklin Square Center for Digestive Disease00Justin MD
SelectSeptember 18Youth Center Campus00Justin PA
SelectSeptember 19N Street Condo00Justin DC
SelectSeptember 19NRWWTP Admin Bldg00Justin NC
SelectSeptember 19Ft Blvr #118900Sean VA
SelectSeptember 22Old Guard Barracks Bldg 2470design build Sean VA
SelectSeptember 22Poplar Point Pump Station Div Z00Justin  
SelectSeptember 23Anne Arundel County Cox Creek WTP00Justin MD
SelectSeptember 25Majestic @ Watkins Mill00Justin MD
SelectSeptember 30Southside Depot00Sean VA
SelectOctober 01Pike & Rose Block 600Justin MD
SelectOctober 07Helicopter Operations Fac0db Justin MD
SelectOctober 08Front Royal WTP00Sean VA
SelectOctober 151100 South Blvd Aparts/Clubhouse00Justin NC
SelectOctober 16Mary Devine New ES00Justin PA
SelectOctober 22Langley HS Reno00Sean VA
SelectNovember 14BWI Marshall Airport D&E connector & Security Checkpoint00Justin MD