BidDateProject NameSizePlanNotesEstimatorProj MangST
SelectSeptember 23Baymount Inn & Suites to Marriott Fairfield Inn & suites00Sean VA
SelectSeptember 23Country Meadows Fork Township00Justin PA
SelectSeptember 23Crossnore School Majorie Williams Academy HS00Justin NC
SelectSeptember 23Liberty Mountain Resort00Justin PA
SelectSeptember 23Methodist University Baseball Locker Room00Justin NC
SelectSeptember 23N Street Condo00Justin DC
SelectSeptember 23Youth Center Campus00Justin PA
SelectSeptember 24SU East Campus Athletic Stadium00Justin MD
SelectSeptember 24lewisburg readiness center00Justin PA
SelectSeptember 24Poplar Point Pump Station Div Z00Justin  
SelectSeptember 24AAA Office Gaithersburg00Justin MD
SelectSeptember 24American Urology Assoc. 2nd & 4th floor0a3.01 hitt is gc Justin MD
SelectSeptember 252000 K St00Justin DC
SelectSeptember 25BCCC Main Bldg Reno- Admin Wing00Justin MD
SelectSeptember 25Baltimore Endoscopy ASC00Andy E MD
SelectSeptember 25Holiday Inn Rooftop & Fitness Center00Justin DC
SelectSeptember 25JHU Apl B20000Justin MD
SelectSeptember 25Presidential Plaza00Justin  
SelectSeptember 25Smoke Bomb Hill Retail00Justin NC
SelectSeptember 25Southern Wake Academy00Justin NC
SelectSeptember 25Odell 3-5 ES00Justin NC
SelectSeptember 25Tesla Automotive00Andy E MD
SelectSeptember 25Wando HS Café Add00Justin SC
SelectSeptember 26Waterfront Station00Justin DC
SelectSeptember 26Triumph Robinwood Retail00Andy E MD
SelectSeptember 26Fulton Gethsemane00Justin MD
SelectSeptember 26Gibbons Apartments with garage00Justin MD
SelectSeptember 261650 Tysons Blvd 5th floor Restrooms00Sean VA
SelectSeptember 291801 K St b1 Level00Justin DC
SelectSeptember 29Charlottesville Albemarle Airport Terminal Bldg00Sean VA
SelectSeptember 29Union Station Near Term Capital reno00Justin DC
SelectSeptember 30Student Housing Phase II00Justin SC
SelectSeptember 30North Cedar Apartments0see a0.11 Justin  
SelectSeptember 30Southside Depot00Sean VA
SelectSeptember 30BWI Task 9 United Airlines Relocation00Andy E  
SelectSeptember 30Halifax Area MS/HS00Justin PA
SelectSeptember 30Harris Teeter 338 Gainesville00Sean VA
SelectSeptember 30BRCC Classroom & admin bldg Phase 200Sean VA
SelectSeptember 30Browns Manassas Kia Showroom0a3.2 a3.4a a3.5 Sean VA
SelectSeptember 30Bruce Park Pump Station 152 Phase 100Sean VA
SelectOctober 011800 K St00Justin DC
SelectOctober 01Children & youth Agency00Justin PA
SelectOctober 01Springfield Estates ES Reno00Sean VA
SelectOctober 01Pike & Rose Block 600Justin MD
SelectOctober 02NRWWTP Admin Bldg00Justin NC
SelectOctober 02Uptown Market Greenwood00Justin  
SelectOctober 02Zoes Kitchen Vienna0k13 a2.01B Sean  
SelectOctober 02Clarksburg Damascus MS00Justin MD
SelectOctober 023104 M St00Justin DC
SelectOctober 02Burlington Center School00Sean  
SelectOctober 02Beaufort County Riverside HS00Justin  
SelectOctober 02Bon Secours Memorial Medical Center00Andy E VA
SelectOctober 03Grace & Co Bldg 16 Phase 2 reno00Justin MD
SelectOctober 03Laurel Hill0a0.4 2a6.1 Sean  
SelectOctober 03Public health Command Lab- Aberdeen proving grounds00Justin  
SelectOctober 06St Augustine's Church00Justin DC
SelectOctober 06Aycock Family Bldg Reno00Justin  
SelectOctober 07Helicopter Operations Fac00Justin MD
SelectOctober 07Durham City Hall & Annex00Justin NC
SelectOctober 07Science Engineering & technology Bldg00Justin MD
SelectOctober 07William B Aycock Family Medicine Center00Justin  
SelectOctober 07Townplace Suites Aberdeen NC00Justin  
SelectOctober 08Tribute at the Glen0a-021 a0-22 Sean  
SelectOctober 08Mission Bldg Reno00Justin DC
SelectOctober 08Front Royal WTP00Sean VA
SelectOctober 08Brandywine Medical Office Building00Andy E MD
SelectOctober 09Pope-Holbrook School Replacement00Justin  
SelectOctober 10Majestic @ Watkins Mill00Justin MD
SelectOctober 10Westminster Place at Queen St00Justin  
SelectOctober 13Lawrence Co Public Safety Fac00Justin PA
SelectOctober 151100 South Blvd Aparts/Clubhouse00Justin NC
SelectOctober 16Mary Devine New ES00Justin PA
SelectOctober 19Ft Blvr Commissary00Sean VA
SelectOctober 23Beacon Center Church & Apartments00Justin DC
SelectOctober 29Langley HS Reno00Sean VA
SelectNovember 14BWI Marshall Airport D&E connector & Security Checkpoint00Justin MD