BidDateProject NameSizePlanNotesEstimatorProj MangST
SelectNovember 24Buffalo Wild Wings York00Justin  
SelectNovember 24First Baptist of Highland Park00JustinJustin 
SelectNovember 24Home 2 Suites Greenville00Justin SC
SelectNovember 24Landmark Theatre- Atlantic plumbing00Justin DC
SelectNovember 24Morning Star Baptist Church00Justin MD
SelectNovember 24Perry MS Gym Add00Justin  
SelectNovember 24York County Resource Recovery Center00Justin PA
SelectNovember 25Kreider Commons00Justin PA
SelectNovember 25Rotunda Community Center0no longer bidding Sean  
SelectNovember 25Hart Bldg Construction00Justin MD
SelectNovember 25Hart Bldg Phase 200Justin MD
SelectNovember 25Enviroscape Office & Services Bldg00Sean VA
SelectNovember 25Clover MS00Justin SC
SelectNovember 25Atlantic Plumbing Parcel c00Justin DC
SelectNovember 25Beacon Center Church & Apartments00Justin DC
SelectNovember 26Verizon Wireless York pa00Justin PA
SelectNovember 26West Elevation Exp Aquatic Center00Justin NC
SelectDecember 01Wesley Long Hospital Pet / CT Scanner00Andy E NC
SelectDecember 01Procas Office tenant fit out00Andy E MD
SelectDecember 01Lowes Home Center Bristol00Sean VA
SelectDecember 01BWI Task 14 Replacement Pier D Door00Andy E  
SelectDecember 02Johnson Controls SDC Test Lab Bldg & Off00Justin PA
SelectDecember 02Regus Off Tenant Fitout 339000Andy E VA
SelectDecember 02Pebble Run Commerical Center00Sean VA
SelectDecember 02Towson Univ. West Village Housing Phase 3 4bp 3B00Justin  
SelectDecember 02USACE JBLE Four Bay Munitions Inspections Fac.00Sean VA
SelectDecember 03SCC Cherokee ATC00Justin SC
SelectDecember 03Maycroft Apartments00Justin DC
SelectDecember 03BWI Marshall Airport D&E connector & Security Checkpoint00Justin MD
SelectDecember 03Churchville Activities Center & Recreation Complex00Justin MD
SelectDecember 03Inova Loudon Surgery Dept Exp Phase 200Sean  
SelectDecember 04Fire Station 600Sean VA
SelectDecember 04JH Meyer Reno00Justin MD
SelectDecember 04Candlewood Suites Newark00Justin DE
SelectDecember 04Charles Washington Hall00Sean  
SelectDecember 04Baldwin Elem. Magnet School00Sean VA
SelectDecember 04Mitre 3 7th floor titan lab exp00Andy E VA
SelectDecember 04Open Door Presbyterian Church00Andy E VA
SelectDecember 04Riverdale Park Bldg 2A 2B and Parking00Justin MD
SelectDecember 05Kensignton of Falls Church00Sean  
SelectDecember 05USC School of Journalism Broadcast Studio00Justin  
SelectDecember 05Giant 2742 Potomac Yard00Sean VA
SelectDecember 05Hampton Inn Toringdon00Justin  
SelectDecember 081850 Ny Ave Self Storage00Justin DC
SelectDecember 08Pepco Waterfront Substation00Justin DC
SelectDecember 09Warren Co Health & Human Services00Sean  
SelectDecember 09Lynx Blye Line Ext Station Finishes00Justin NC
SelectDecember 09Montour School ES00Justin PA
SelectDecember 09Farming Country Club Pool House00Sean VA
SelectDecember 09Iron Forge Education Center00Justin PA
SelectDecember 10EM Johnson WTP Sodium Permanganate fac00Justin NC
SelectDecember 11Ferlazzo ES00Sean  
SelectDecember 11Hanover County Courts Bldgs00Justin VA
SelectDecember 1150 M St Homewood Suites Hotel00Justin DC
SelectDecember 12MD Aviation Admin Baggage Inspection System00Andy E MD
SelectDecember 16St Paul Lutheran Church Reno & add00Justin MD
SelectDecember 16Vidant Health Cancer Center00Justin  
SelectDecember 16Villas at Water Run00Justin  
SelectDecember 16Chesterfield Admin00Justin  
SelectDecember 16Historic Highland Center00Sean VA
SelectDecember 1733 N St NE00Justin DC
SelectDecember 17Memory Care Small House Add00Justin  
SelectDecember 18Pender Co Wasterwater Treatment Plant Phase 200  NC
SelectDecember 18Bethel Park Fire Station00Justin PA
SelectDecember 19Honesdale HS00Justin PA
SelectDecember 23Andrews Federal Center Bus Garage00Justin MD
SelectJanuary 16USC Rutledge/LeGare-Picnkey00Justin  
SelectJanuary 20Dementia Unit Relocation00Sean